THAI ORANGE PALETTE Orange from pottery, teak wood,and leather. This palette lends fine materials a rustic and organic note. A traditional handicraft techniques combined with a modern design creates a suitable products for everyday use such as Ban Chiang pottery, leather bags, hemp clothing, and wooven reed panama hats. Be charmed by the perfect harmony of art, shape, and materials in orange palette of OTOP products! #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP

Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Tuesday, March 9, 2021


THAI GREEN PALETTE Green, a color that feels completely natural. The palette in this design theme ranges from strong moss tone to natural shades of green. The materials used are from local and natural resources creating sustainable products without any toxic elements. Sisal hats, pandanus wicker bags, rattan handbags and teak-leaf bags are examples of Thai local wisdom that have been passed on through generations and are now blended with modern touch. Find out more about natural aesthetics of Thai OTOP products below. #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP

Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Monday, 8 March 2021


THAI BLUE PALETTE Thailand is well-known for many white sand beaches with clear blue water. But it's not only places that is imbued with such soothing color. Discover the beauty of blue palette on various Thai local products such as ceramics, pottery, Thai silk and wickerwork. Stay tune for the next color palette in OTOP series! #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP

Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Friday, 5 March 2021


THAI BLACK PALETTE Discover how Thais make use of black color in local arts and handicraft ranging from Nang Talung (shadow puppetry), stylish bamboo baskets to artistic batik design. Thai local products are now elevated with modern touch in this classic black palette. Find out more in our OTOP series! #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP

Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Thursday, March 4, 2021


FASCINATING THAI CERAMICS Earliest Thai ceramics were made about 3400 BCE. Later they were inspired by Chinese styles mixed with indigenous design resulting in a unique shapes, colors and decorative motif. SUKHOTHAI: The most famous Thai glazed stoneware CELADON: Fire-glazed stoneware in characteristic glossy green and and cracked surface BENJARONG: Notable for its multi-colors on a white surface DAN KWIAN: Pottery with rough texture and rusty color Today our ceramics are mixed with modern design and function. Find out more about Thai pride in OTOP series. #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Monday, February 22, 2021