THAI INDIGO FABRIC WITH SOUL North and Northeast are the origin of indigo dyeing or "Mo Hom" in Thailand. The traditional all-natural process is to cold-dye white cotton threads with a deep blue dye from the true indigo plant. We believe each fermenting dyeing pot has its own soul as feeding indigo can result in different quality, colors, and shades of the fabric. Some artisans even taste-test the health of their brew. Discover the soul of Thai indigo fabric in the video below. #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP

Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Wednesday, March 3, 2021


INTRICATE THAI EMBROIDERY Our embroidery design originates from the northern hilltribes who are known for their skilled embroidery and quilted design. All embroidery is done by hand and reflects unique identity of each tribe. Today's embroidery is blended with modern essence offering contemporary piece for everyday lifestyle. Check out our OTOP embroidery products below! #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Thursday, 25 February 2021


EXOTIC THAI WOODCRAFT Thai woodcraft is a complicated work of art that requires skills and efforts. Each region inherits unique carving style passed on through generations. Today's Thai woodcraft is offered in variety of woods and designs - from home decor to tableware. Stay tune for our next OTOP series! #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Wednesday, 24 February 2021


FASCINATING THAI CERAMICS Earliest Thai ceramics were made about 3400 BCE. Later they were inspired by Chinese styles mixed with indigenous design resulting in a unique shapes, colors and decorative motif. SUKHOTHAI: The most famous Thai glazed stoneware CELADON: Fire-glazed stoneware in characteristic glossy green and and cracked surface BENJARONG: Notable for its multi-colors on a white surface DAN KWIAN: Pottery with rough texture and rusty color Today our ceramics are mixed with modern design and function. Find out more about Thai pride in OTOP series. #otopthailand #OTOP #DITP Posted by Thai Trade Center, Frankfurt on Monday, February 22, 2021